Summer brings solarization

same here. tried, nearly puked and decided to wait for another more stable day emotionally before trying it again. Like the Flaming Pear Aetherize filter, though, more control. cheers



Decided to try the Solarize Filter on this building downtown D.C.

had to go Color Burn and fade it by over half

but it came out great!  THANX!!


David Ryan Photography

Sometimes I’m a purist and sometimes I’m not.  For this post I’m not

Not  having ever taken any structured Photoshop instruction, I tend to fool around and explore the program a lot when things are slow and I don’t feel like doing anything else.

Of course I’ve explored all the filters that come with Photoshop and one of them that I keep coming back to is the “Solarize” (under “Stylize”).

Often, when I’ve come to the end of the regular tweaks I make on a photo but it still doesn’t cut it , I’ll  apply the solarize filter to see what happens.  I know that if I were a mathematical genius the result would be predictable, but I’m not and it isn’t.  That’s why it’s so much fun:   it’s pure serendipity for me.  Let me show you.

Grain elevator and silo, Camas Prairie, Idaho Here’s a pretty typical shot of a grain elevator and silo on the Camas…

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