Just a gramma 9 times over who dug out all her poetic renderings from the 60’s and 70’s, spit-polished them and ran them through the work processor on Jarte. Looked pretty good ! Threw in a few vids I found on YouTube (yay for YouTube for those of us with an attn span of less than 3 minutes).

I am a retired RN, do compositing with Photoshop in my spare time which is whenever since I’m retired, duh. I have a gallery of my newer renderings over on http://www.pictify.com/user/icu109/ if you care to spin by. I do a lot of fantasy, surrealism but not too weird, etc. Have to move all my albums from my.opera.com/ICU109 and /flapper1 somewhere…the older composites, probably just run through a slide show program and throw up on my YouTube channel (icu109). Family pics, probably will need to go to Google+ or something. Figure it out later.

Also updating links and such with my first website, about pet birds:


rest of my sites:

Kathy Jones-Boulier, Composite Art Designs

Galleries and Blogs:

http://www.freewebs.com/icu109/ (Kathys’ Best Exotic Bird Resources)



kfboulier@gmail.com (use the most for everything)
kath.icu109@gmail.com (mostly family)
kboulier2007@yahoo.com (occasional)
Mobile 810.479.1330 – text me.
Fort Gratiot, Michigan, North of the Blue Water Bridges

Here are some images I have done and photos taken of the original span and then the second added span of the Blue Water Bridge complex here in Port Huron, Michigan:

our orig bw bridge First Span Blue Water Bridge freighter_latespringsunset_Blue Water Bridges freighter under Blue Water Bridges bwb tall ship


and a happy Fourth







2 thoughts on “About

  1. FF XIII vs has gorgeous music called Somnum Nemoris and here is a young boy playing the Amos Version on Piano:

    And another version with violin and piano of Somnus Nemoris – Final Fantasy Versus XIII Theme(no guns):

    Very nice! As you can see I’m enamored of this track from FF XIII vs.

    Here is the original soundtrack which I first heard on some lovely girls’ website ( I will try and find it again, as she gave such good CSS and HTML lessons!) of course the Japanese singer makes it perfect:

    Absolutely gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. The bombs and war noise have been removed, which in the game, makes it difficult to hear the beautiful track.

    Final Fantasy XIII/Versus – Somnus new!
    The game looks like this with the music in the background. Still no bombs to distract:

    I can see how the kids (of all ages) really get into Final Fantasy.

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