10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World

10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World.

I’ve been trying for years to put this into words. Here is a concise if not comprehensive list of the main theories of reality. I like the last one best.


Entangled – the new book by Graham Hancock

Entangled is the first fantasy adventure novel from the bestselling non-fiction author of The Sign and the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, Heaven’s Mirror and Supernatural.

“This is a fantasy adventure time-slip novel, and as you can see this is quite a departure for me – fiction instead of non-fiction. But between the lines of what (I hope) is a non-stop action narrative there are a lot of controversial ideas on subjects like consciousness, time-travel, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, Ayahuasca, DMT, telepathy, parallel realms, and much more.” – Graham Hancock

More information and a preview of the first 4 chapters are available on the Entangled website:

And a short video promo can be seen here:

Check it out!

Synchronicity. In MY life?????

10 August 2014
Last night I decided on spur of the moment between movies I wanted to watch to change course and watch a documentary I had saved on my HD. It was about synchronicity, which I found intriguing since I knew nothing of it in relation to Carl Jung and his split off from Freudian methodology into a manner of treating people with psychological and mental disturbances. The documentary reflected studies of years and years, and examples from people all around the world having been interviewed by Frank Joseph, and their experience with “coincidences” or synchronicity in their lives.

The first thing I wanted to do after about 15 minutes into the lecture was to turn it off as it was a waste of my time, becoming precious to me as I find my self in my early 60s and so much left in this life to learn and create left to me, self assigned, I admit, but yet needing to be at least attempted. The embed code of the video I got sidetracked with shall appear at the end of this.

Just as I started to think of turning this lecture off, he began a story of an experience of Carl Jung in the treatment of his patients, first by the time held Freudian manner of sexual repression the causation of issues of the psyche, then by his strange discovery of one session with one patient who came in to him often, and discussed her dreams, in light of her need to recover from deep depression.

She had had a dream of receiving a gift from an unknown man the night before, and it made her very happy. The gift was a jeweled scarab or beetle, a piece of refracted light blooming into many colors. AS he listened to her, he heard a small bump against his glass door. Being autumn, the French door was closed…but he wandered over while listening and absently opened the door and in flew an insect which he promptly was able to capture in his hand.

As the woman was completed in her recount of the dream experience, and had related how it had made her feel happy, Dr. Jung showed her the beetle that had flown into the room….Here is your gift he said lightly…..this made a profound impact on the woman and thus began her recovery from her depression….she had realized that all is related and she was valued and valuable to all.

My incident began with that story. As Prof Joseph continued to explain, he had started and continued for many years, a journal of his own experiences, which he found came under the label Jung had set forth as Synchronicity, which he subsequently used as the name of the book Prof Joseph studied by Jung. Apparently these incidences Frank Joseph found later while studying them and those incidences of some 200 other people he had spoken with all over the world in his travels over a period of 6 years, all fall under 17 different themes, recurring over and over. Not 16, not 18. SEVENTEEN. MY LUCKY NUMBER, has been for most of my life, I’ve always liked that number…I’ve won prizes on that number in little contests here and there. Well that kind of made me sit up and start really listening.

Have I had any of these experiences…..deja vu? Ccoincidence? Forgotten and dismissed out of hand if I had, one had and has been recurring for years, in the form of one of the 17 headings, Numbers. I have had so many times glanced up at the clock and saw 11:11. So many times in fact, that over 20 years of my marriage, it has become a kind of joke between my husband and myself. Is is the number 11 or is it the number 1?

Pythagoreus, Prof Joseph claims ( I have been trying to substantiate and separate this claim from “numerology” and “music and numbers” etc in the realm of Google since last night) who wrote down nothing over his lifetime, leaving us to rely on his students and peers to glean out information from this great thinker, supposedly taught meaning exists for numbers, especially those 1-12. One for instance indicates wholeness; dependent upon what is going on in your life at the time…either you have or lack this quality in yourself or your relationships or your life in general. OK, I’d think on that one. He went through the rest of the 12…. I waited for 11 to be discussed…..CHAOS….UTTER CHAOS…THE WORST OF THE NUMBERS. FUCK ME. Freaked me totally out.

I will dissemble and tell you I did not hear at first even the explanation of ONE….I had stopped the tape of the lecture at point 35 ish minutes and opened Opera Browser and started to google Pythagoreus to see if I could jump ahead (I google fast) and not wait for the good professor to go through all his stories and tangents before I could grab the meaning of 11.

What did I find. Not what I thought or intended. This made me quickly put my computer to sleep and throw a book that was next to me across the room that I have been intensely reading over a period of the past few weeks, parts over and over, as they truly made sense in my passion for ancient pre history as r/t Paleo-  anything.

He had said that a passion for anything makes synchronicity and events of such more common in ones’ life. Well, I have always been a passionate person about one thing or another, or one person or another over the years. I tend to fixate on something till I exhaust it or move to something else. Paleoarcheology, Paleoanthropology, the ascent of man and all the broken branches along the way, the extinctions of species due to climatic disturbances and upheavals, etc etc, this has been my course of personal study and quest for some time now. This book is called Before Atlantis: 20 Million Years of Human and Pre-Human Cultures. BY FRANK JOSEPH.

Same as someone in a random lecture I had saved from YouTube to watch later from my folder full of documentaries? on PSYCHOLOGY? on the rise of modern Psychology branched off by a free thinker and bold pioneer Carl Jung? Would I have ever connected the dots and noticed the author of my book, whose name really I had not noticed to be honest, the same name? Not the same guy certainly.

Once I had recovered ( thank you Xanax ) I read “about the author”…… the one thing that connected him in that spiel with the lecture was the mention in both of actress Shirley MacLaine. I quote: His dozens of media appearances include interviews with….Shirley Maclaine….(seven between 2001 and 2010). In his early minutes of his lecture he had mentioned the 200 some people who he had talked with about these coincidences, little odd things that happen to people who stop for a second and think WTF… he had spoken with her as well and she is included in the 200 some individuals spoken with. He even laughingly said that his relationship over the years with her would take up an entire week of lectures LOL.

What made me stop the tape? Other than my impatient nature, my impetuous manic nature? Don’t know.

Back to the lecture….I patiently listened and the number 11 as said before…CHAOS. ok, settle down. He said it means your life, or something or someone in it is causing this number to be noticed or to be appearing to you. Ya think? He said whatever it is must end. If it is a relationship, it must end…it is causing chaos in you. Needless to say, I have had a very very chaotic time in my personal life over the last 12-15 years. VERY. AND ended up separated since 2008, a lot due to work situations, but I believe to the relief of my husband… I had had breakdowns and upheavals and was indeed very sick psychologically as well as physically with auto immune diseases reacting to my stress. The divorce was final this spring…..after a short period I have begun to feel somewhat better, less stress, grieving process for the changes in my life over…a period of increased ability to concentrate has led to the ability to study a couple of my passions: Photoshop Compositing Art and my pre history bug.

So. Coincidence? A series of cluster ducks? Just a messed up lady? Who knows. Watch the video. No matter what you think of this man in general, synchronicity has given his life new meaning and hope and compassion. He is a changed man….and a brilliant one. His book, the one I’ve been currently reading, has grabbed my attention not unlike those of Graham Hancock, one of the “Four Horsemen”, my favorite author. Unexpectedly this Frank Joseph, for all his ill repute in the past, can’t possible have duping the public in his mind with the intense research this one work I can attest to required.

Make your own decisions about what ever you choose. Choose what makes YOU happy and follow it.

About this movie:
Synchronicity with Frank Joseph – the Web of Existence
Published on May 2, 2013
Synchronicity often hits us at key moments in our lives, revealing our place in the web of existence, showing us how we are related to all things. A wide range of cultures have explored this phenomenon through history, a testament to synchronicity’s power. Why do we seem to be able to see into the future at times? Why do certain numbers and symbols reoccur so frequently across time, space and civilizations? How do we harness the power of synchronicity to enhance our own lives?

Best, Kathy

Apostrophes FYI – Stuff your “Grammar” didn’t teach you, now did she.

Rule 1
Use the apostrophe with contractions. The apostrophe is always placed at the spot where the letter(s) has been removed.

don’t, isn’t
You’re right.
She’s a great teacher.

Rule 2
Use the apostrophe to show possession. Place the apostrophe before the s to show singular possession.

one boy’s hat
one woman’s hat
one actress’s hat
one child’s hat
Ms. Chang’s house

NOTE: Although names ending in s or an s sound are not required to have the second s added in possessive form, it is preferred.

Mr. Jones’s golf clubs
Texas’s weather
Ms. Straus’s daughter
Jose Sanchez’s artwork
Dr. Hastings’s appointment (name is Hastings)
Mrs. Lees’s books (name is Lees)

Rule 3
Use the apostrophe where the noun that should follow is implied.

This was his father’s, not his, jacket.

Rule 4
To show plural possession, make the noun plural first. Then immediately use the apostrophe.

two boys’ hats two women’s hats
two actresses’ hats
two children’s hats
the Changs’ house
the Joneses’ golf clubs
the Strauses’ daughter
the Sanchezes’ artwork
the Hastingses’ appointment
the Leeses’ books

Rule 5
Do not use an apostrophe for the plural of a name.

We visited the Sanchezes in Los Angeles.
The Changs have two cats and a dog.

Rule 6
With a singular compound noun, show possession with ‘s at the end of the word.

my mother-in-law’s hat

Rule 7
If the compound noun is plural, form the plural first and then use the apostrophe.

my two brothers-in-law’s hats

Rule 8
Use the apostrophe and s after the second name only if two people possess the same item.

Cesar and Maribel’s home is constructed of redwood.
Cesar’s and Maribel’s job contracts will be renewed next year.
Indicates separate ownership.
Cesar and Maribel’s job contracts will be renewed next year.
Indicates joint ownership of more than one contract.

Rule 9
Never use an apostrophe with possessive pronouns: his, hers, its, theirs, ours, yours, whose. They already show possession so they do not require an apostrophe.

This book is hers, not yours.

Sincerely your’s.

Rule 10
The only time an apostrophe is used for it’s is when it is a contraction for it is or it has.

It’s a nice day.
It’s your right to refuse the invitation.
It’s been great getting to know you.

Rule 11
The plurals for capital letters and numbers used as nouns are not formed with apostrophes.

She consulted with three M.D.s.
She went to three M.D.s’ offices.
The apostrophe is needed here to show plural possessive.
She learned her ABCs.
the 1990s not the 1990’s
the ’90s or the mid-’70s not the ’90’s or the mid-’70’s
She learned her times tables for 6s and 7s.

Use apostrophes with capital letters and numbers when the meaning would be unclear otherwise.

Please dot your i’s.
You don’t mean is.
Ted couldn’t distinguish between his 6’s and 0’s.
You need to use the apostrophe to indicate the plural of zero or it will look like the word Os. To be consistent within a sentence, you would also use the apostrophe to indicate the plural of 6’s.

Rule 12
Use the possessive case in front of a gerund (-ing word).

Alex’s skating was a joy to behold.
This does not stop Joan’s inspecting of our facilities next Thursday.

Rule 13
If the gerund has a pronoun in front of it, use the possessive form of that pronoun.

I appreciate your inviting me to dinner. I appreciated his working with me to resolve the conflict.

“As chairman of the Apostrophe Protection Society (, I had to write and express my pleasure at seeing your view on the apostrophe and names ending in an s.” —John Richards

Loving Birds, The Beginning

Image du Blog

When I was five, we lived in Gary, Indiana in a small 2-bedroom frame house across the street from the new Village Shopping Center on 36th and Grant Street. Nestled within the Village was Kresges’, a 5 and 10 cent type store which had a super toy department, which I visited several times a month with my mother, especially on my dads’ biweekly Inland Steel payday, on which day I was allowed to pick out a little trinket or two. Another section of the store boasted turtles, goldfish, chameleons, hamsters, and parakeets! I fell in love with the little birds and hoped someday to bring home a little feathered friend. My mother said, “We’ll see.”

Hoping against hope, life went on and I began Kindergarten at Daniel Webster Elementary School. One day I was walked home from my morning session at Webster (Mrs. Pauers’ class, in the classroom on the left side of the entry hallway of Webster), and saw something on the kitchen table when we got home. It was covered with a towel. My mother removed the covering and voila! A green and yellow parakeet in a cute roomy cage with food and water dishes, a dish filled with greens, a little mirror and some other small toys. She had gone all out and I will never forget that moment as long as I live Never had an acquisition before nor since, except for the birth of my four children, given me more joy!

 photo Parakeetblue_zpsb53d3ad2.jpg

Now, we all know all good things must end, but that ended all too soon, but I never knew my mother had so much imagination, nor did I realize till I was in eighth grade and recounting the incident to a friend of mine, that there was a kink in my storyline.

According to my mother, while I was in school one day that fall of my Kindergarten year, she felt that the colors of the bird didn’t match her kitchen. She needed to remedy the situation, and had to apparently do it quickly, as I was to be picked up at school before noon and it was a five block walk to the school for my mother.

When I checked on my little green buddy that afternoon, I noticed a significant difference. Where my birds’ face had been sunny yellow, it was now snow white. Hmmm. The green in my bird had magically been changed to sky blue. Yeah. Pretty, but not “Pretty Boy”. I might add, I have an older sister who was married and on her own back then. She had a blue and white parakeet, and that is part of why I had a cultivated interest in birds at such a young age. It entered my mind that my mom and my sis had traded. Heck no.

 photo parakeetgreen_zpscab210bf.jpg

My mom told me a little white lie, (the green bird had died) but she got me hook, line and sinker and continued to have me till I was 13 and in that eighth grade conversation and that is when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

She said that green and yellow did not go well in the kitchen so she got some RIT DYE and dyed him blue in the sink. Oh, OK. I don’t think I put up too much fuss, as I had a bird anyway.

Due tell, that bird ended up living 9 long years and said everything in the book! He was christened “Augie” as he was hatched in August!

Now I have 2 Quakers, an African Grey, a Yellow Nape Amazon, and a male German Roller canary who sings. No parakeet. Next extra money comes in I’m getting me a parakeet!

Image du Blog

 photo birdionmyhead_zps534759c6.jpg

24 Dec 1955, Los Angeles, California, USA — Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yell- That might be the greeting on Yule cards sent by the family of little Colleen Watson, of Los Angeles. She was posing for a picture to be used on the family Christmas card and the parakeet was being held up to make Colleen “look at the birdie”. Everything was fine until the parakeet flew over to get in the picture (above). The camera caught Colleen’s reaction, and the photo is likely to make one of the most eye-catching cards in the mails.
Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS:,398

Cheers and happy domestic birding…. see my Kathys’ Best Exotic Bird Resources site here:

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The Quaker Story


Sky and Nikki, my two Quaker Parrots

Yep. We're Cool.

When I was small, and to be honest – ever since, winged creatures have been a fascination of mine. Since faeries and wild birds, Pegasus, Unicorns and Winged Dragons are a bit out of the question as family pets, I have had to “Make Do” with good old down-to-earth Pet Birds. Starting out at age 5 with a parakeet, I kept parakeets for 20 years. Then I discovered finches and tried them for awhile. Well, since I only at the time knew about the Zebra Finches, having been concentrating my studies on my Nursing Degree and not taking time out to really research birds in general, I was a bit bored with them. Well, I brought up 4 kids, launched nursing as a career, was widowed and remarried to a man whose best friend owned a pet store. A few lovely visits to the store got my fascination way over the top and we bought a Quaker and named it Nikki. I did not know if Nikki was boy or girl, but since then have also purchased another Quaker, a blue one. Since then, they have become inseparable and a few eggs ensued, sterile though they were. WELL, I decided last year to add nesting paraphernalia to the cage they shared and LOW AND BEHOLD the one sitting on the eggs and thus the one who probably had laid them was my NIKKI. The Blue Quaker, Sky, aptly named, did next to nothing to help except to irritate all parties involved by becoming even MORE territorial around the cage if that was at all possible. Away from the cage the Quakers are fine, listen well, talk a bit, mimic every sound they hear, step up, all in all are fine pets. Well after the incubation time had long passed with no subsequent patter of little claws about the home cage, I removed the nesting site and found 3 sterile eggs. SO. I believe they are both girls. It is NOT uncommon for 2 female Quakers to forge a close bond and produce the odd egg or two. In the past 5 or 6 years I have had both birds together, eggs have appeared only 3 times. We only found out who had probably laid them when Nikki took the lead and sat on them. The Quakers are a noisy little bird but aside the territorial attitudes (will bloody any hand that decides to come within an inch of the cage bars and they can reach very well with their little pinch y sharp beaks to grab anything that breaches their force-field) they are very intelligent little devils and we honestly don’t know what home would be without them!