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From My Opera blog flapper1 – my “about” page, more or less.


“For ignorance provides the happiest life” — Sophocles


Hi, I’m Kathy, originally from the MyOpera profiles flapper1 and ICU109. You all know me from there, and if you are new, welcome. I do a little digital graphic compositing and upload tons of family pics/albums as well. Just got a Flickr site for family, kboulier2007 is my secret code name lol. Pictify and now maybe gets the composites. I’ve been on Pictify since Nov of 2012. Vivaldi is new and buggy I’m afraid.

Working on learning layers since 2009, uploading since 2010, my learning years really do not have to be reposted. I have made a few little YouTube videos (icu109 channel) out of some, a lot had aged and deteriorated with time on servers. Go figure. PLUS I used too much noise, the only effect I knew back then in Paint.NET that I liked, which made everything blurry and worse with time. Live and learn. Serious…live, and learn. Live TO learn. My Motto.

I have 2 sons and 2 daughters, all grown with families and wonderful careers, all happy, healthy and productive. I am very proud of them.

I started graphics by learning to modify MySpace, learning a little CSS code, and since I am and always have been somewhat of an image “junkie,” when I retired a few years ago I designed a couple websites with Freewebs, now, and a lot of MySpace sites, different themes, for the look of them, not for the social silliness (read: FACEBOOK for the definition of silly). They are all still there, have been somewhat modified with makeovers by MySpace owner exchanges over the years.

Nearly 5 years ago I started teaching myself layers with free Paint.NET, which I still use on occasion. I now can work with Adobe Photoshop CC which I am steadily learning. Next year I hope to take classes. I also use Corel PaintShop Pro x4 Ultimate, DP Animation, Jasc Animation 3, and myriads of other graphic programs. Animated gifs I have just begun to play with, and have posted some. Love online animators like Lunapic and PictureTrail. Easy and effective. I am now doing misted tubes with PSP.

I am a retired ICU/Post Open Heart RN, worked about 17 years with very very sick patients, saw and experienced way too much heartache and tragedy. Burned me right out. My little pics I make help me to keep my head on straight, concentrate and focus for more that 2 minutes on 1 thing.

I have interest in other things such as quantum mechanics and paleoanthropology, paleontology, space sciences, genetics, archaeology, marine archeology, the physiology of evolution and the psychology of ancient civilizations and the way consciousness developed (see Julian Jaynes theory of the breakdown of the bicameral mind). I feel like I want to know everything there ever was and is to know and…..

so little time left in which to do it.

I love to take pictures too, but hard to get in the right frame of mind (pun) to get out.

I have a YouTube Channel named icu109.

My foremost gallery, all credits and everything are here:

Started when I picked up on photoshop.  End of 2o12.

Flickr which you find here:

has family, mostly grandkids so far.  I’ll add till it bursts.

These videos are also on one of my Google+ page:

Please visit me there as well.

Here are some of my sites. I left out MySpace, no point there.

Galleries and Blogs:

three fairies wings sparkle pictures, backgrounds and images

oh btw…skem9 is back online!! yay!!!

I am reading now about ancient civilizations, and the books are very enlightening. ie, how man invented religion which was then spread around by the Romans to control their people then conquer even more. and the atrocities in the name of religion, what zealots will do just for blood lust and call it crusades is beyond me. Seems like they’d have something to do at home. Garden, love their families, talk to the neighbours, you know, normal stuff. assholes. I was brought up to mind my own business and keep my nose out of others’ business.

Everybody should be that way unless somebody needs help. period. just MOHO.

My work

I have always liked to take pictures as well as collect images. At age 10 my beloved older brother bought me a Kodak (?) Brownie Starflash camera for Christmas – would have been 1962. Hence, images mostly of our dogs, black and white which I treasure today. I don’t take as many photographs as I certainly could. Images have fascinated me since I was a toddler looking at Little Golden Books, before I could read. I can still see some of the beautiful artwork by the famed illustration artists back in the day used by the publisher of those jewels for children. 25 cents each = I remember many a time picking one out at the store as a child to add to my collection as my elder brother picked out Classics Illustrated in his day, I’m sure.

Pictures fascinate. Worth a thousand words. Worth all the imagination you can cram into it. So when in grade school we had a project as I recall, perhaps an art project, sixth grade I seem to remember, of cutting and pasting into a self made booklet some favorite images from old magazines, the enjoyment of the search far out reached the enjoyment or rather the nervous stress I always experienced in sharing and subsequently having my work critiqued and thusly graded by someone with perhaps not the imagination to readily inject into each carefully chosen piece. Picture spring….trees of blossoms, pink and white, either side of an inviting earthen pathway to….a house? further into the springtime glade? I can still see that one in my minds’ eye. And so it began. Seventh grade…after school I think on Wednesdays for about 6 weeks, those of use who wanted (me! me!) stayed at Bailly Jr. High school in Gary, Indiana (would have been mid 60s) with the school art teacher, Mr. Sumurdy, to learn how to create an oil painting. I have that oil painting.  Here:

It’s on my dresser. It was framed on my wall for years till I took out not too long ago, snapped it with my camera phone ( the best camera you can have…. is the one you have with you) and ran it though photoshop actions just for something to experience. Came out with quite a few variations, posted them up on my.opera blog (which I dismantled as the service ended in March 2014).



My life, since 2009, my friends in nearly 100 countries, scattered to the wind. I’m still there everywhere, I’m the dust in the wind, I’m the star in the northern sky…I never stayed anywhere I’m the wind in the trees…..will you wait for me, forever?

(Forever by Stratovarius).

This love of images bloomed during a period in 2009 after I had figured out the concept of layers with the free program Paint.NET. That program cranked out over 3000 creations as I learned its’ secrets. Then came photoshop, version 7 sent to me by an opera friend. I bought books on PS 7, learned basics then got a subscription to CS5. Me and CS5 didn’t get along well and I was a bit discouraged. Then the upgrade to 6 and right out the box we were friends. Still using Paint.NET to assemble then save is .psd format I would spiff up in PS but was I just using PDN as a crutch I’d been used to for 3+ years. So I slowly started using PS (now PS CC)alone and though I use about 10% of the behemoth just like the amount of my brain I use, I think I am beginning to crank out some decency in compositing. So much to learn yet…lots of venues out there, beckoning me to open the wallet which on fixed income I am not so eager to do. I can learn as I go. This is just a hobby: a diversion, keeps me calm. My work over the past year or so is on

visit me there.

Snap Yo Fingers, Do yo step, you can do it all by yose’f yemme see you do it…!

Lil John

There is a tutorial by a gal at which I would like to follow soon to be able to do this:


Fiddling with graphics. Just at home. Just for my relaxation and stress reduction and therapy for my scatterbrain. I can concentrate on a picture I’m making for quite awhile. These 2 pics, not mine, are examples of what I am TRYING to accomplish. Need help, can’t look up tutorials cuz I don’t know how to describe effect. I think more I look at them that it has to do with the noise filter you apply, a different intensity to each frame, then combine 2 or 3 in Jasc animation, or on one of the online services or for godsake since I pay every damned month for photoshop, in CC… OR Corel PSPx4 which I bought. Just need to get to it. May have just talked myself into figuring it out. I think, actually, Jasc3 Wizard is easiest after you assemble your images, noise and sparkle wise, however many, 2, 3, 4, all different but very closely similar otherwise they jump too much, keep images small; you can use photoshop CC or what not to do them in layers and flatten them…then run them through the Jasc3 wizard. OK. By George, I think I’ve got it (Rex Harrison from guess what movie). Just do the tut, Kat.


ok. compared to my examples, artists unknown… I just did a few simple small animations, not happy with them particularly but getting the gist of the Jasc, so to speak:  photo pinkskirtglitter_zps3fe87550.gif

purple fantasy image photo purplegirl_zps6d9157bb.gif

Not TOO bad, but used others’ images…NOW need to utilize my own “tags” or little whatever they call them, make them, find them in my albums, whatever, and try Jasc on them. CAN’T be too big, supposedly the file size is important so may make my own from scratch with some poser figures I have etc…keep me off the streets.

Why I chose Opera Browser in the First Place

Originally, liked what I read about it. Hated IE, still have objections to using it. Firefox I only use if I need a website background to steal, straight up, as it is the only browser that has “show background” in the right click menu; HOWEVER WARNING WARNING WILL ROBINSON (Lost in Space – robot) Firefox is SPYWARE AND THEY WILL TAKE OVER YOUR SEARCH ENGINE AND OTHER RANDOM SHIT SO WATCH OUT. I stayed loyally with Opera because of my blog sites ICU109 and flapper1, and the world I can visit with them thru my many friends in over 95 countries on my original blog,, and because I have a place for my creations and memories I enjoy sharing. I am ICU109, as well as flapper1 here on my Opera. Also I am icu109 on YouTube, have made a few home movies. Pictify, started putting stuff there, icu109 again and I like the interface. I have Opera because I love it. My Opera has opened up the world to me and I love music now I’d never heard before, artists from other cultures so rich and talented, languages that I can’t understand words but understand the heart and souls of the artists and singers and dancers, thank you all so much for opening these up to me. Cheers, Kat

Now the opera blog site closed 3.March 2014, scattering friends to the 4 winds. Where you gonna find something as diverse, intelligent, professional but not stuffy and full of drama queens? Something international yet with a one world feeling as we communicate, sometimes stalling for lack of words due to language barrier, but we do communicate, love of art, of photography, of respect for others’ religions, beliefs, cultures, in awe of their grandeur and immense history and wealth of knowledge….

where you gonna get that?

I believed Opera was going to bring the world together in my naiveté.

About page of my.opera blog ICU109 follows. (a lot was media….not much may survive)

Rene Descartes said, “Cogito, ergo sum” — “I think, therefore I am.”


Image<br /><br /><br />
du Blog



THE BabyDoll 1999-2012.July4 R.I.P. photo Screenshot_6_zps0863a76d.png


make avatar

I stand alone in the darkness. The winter of my life came so fast. Memories go back to childhood – to days I still recall. Oh, how happy I was then. There was no sorrow, there was no pain. Walking through the green fields, sunshine in my eyes.

I’m still there, everywhere, I’m the dust in the wind, I’m the star in the northern sky ! I never stayed anywhere, I’m the wind in the trees, would you wait for me forever?

Would you wait for me forever? Will you wait for me forever?

Timo Kotipelto ROCKS THE METAL !!!!!!!

Get Paint.NET!

Image du Blog



New video I picked up from one of my new Opera friends from Turkey. BEAUTIFUL!

Please enjoy Mariami Abduselisi singing “Nani Nana”. Video is awesome. Simple lullaby English Translation To Nani Nana: MOTHER

Mother, Come to me mother Old Laz deyislerini Tell me, mother

Mother Come to me mother Tell me mother Nini Lullabies mother die

You are with me, I remember You sang songs Laz Sing lullabies to me so sad Nana Nani I have a beautiful daughter never grows Laz Am He nani nani, nani nani na

Now we come to the mother Sit alone Tell them all I say Nana Nani Now we come to the mother We sit alone Tell them all I say

Mother Long live the sayings Laz Do not be scared mother Die mother lullabies

Mother I know them all Now do not cry Sing lullaby mother

Laz songs again, so they say Fine children büyütüyorlar However, overall they play

Nana Nani Oldies such as tepiyorlar horon He nani nani, nani nani na He nani nani na

Now, mother always rejoice Forget to say, and cry Laz’s say the new songs Nana Nani Now, mother always rejoice Forget to say, and cry Laz’s say the new songs

Now, mother always rejoice Forget to say, and cry Laz’s say the new songs

Now, mother always rejoice Forget to say, and cry Laz’s say the new songs

Image du Blog

Back in 2002 our Landscaping and Garden Pond Totally Rocked ! Here is the scenery in Video. All my channel vids here

nurse photo: Nurse nurse.jpg

As a retired nurse, I have a decided interest in everything scientific. My main love is the archaeological progress in mapping the ascent of man through the depths of prehistorical evidence. The new field of marine archeology as researched and annotated by Graham Hancock in his exceptional books Underworld address this interest. His book Supernatural discusses the roots and commencement of our religious beliefs. NOT a Sunday School story, for sure.

The Opera Community has afforded me a widened interest arena especially in the music category. For instance, I had never heard of Stratovarius. My first exposure was on an Opera friends’ site with the song Forever. Applicable to this old lady who missed her 40th high school reunion in Gary, Indiana cuz I was not well enough to even make the trip, is the line in the song: The Winter of My Life Came So Fast. Good God in Heaven – Timo Kotipelto reached out and dug this right out of my head, I swear… all my fears and insecurities and anxieties in one line of a song!!!! I am hooked.

Then the Final Fantasy XIII Vs game – heard the Somnus song in Latin on a website a year or so back and now am hooked on the songs from the game as well as Noct and Stella and little by little getting a bit of the storyline. Don’t have a PS3 or a PS anything. I’m 61 for godsake with 4 grown kids and 9 grandbabes. WHY don’t they make a freakin movie out of this? I would LOVE it. So, below I also have a few videos of THAT passion. Enjoy.

Divider Pictures, Images and Photos

It was just like yesterday, When you chose to leave and I to stay. It was a warm and sunny day, But my heart felt as heavy as stone.

Never told me where you went; Then again I never tried to ask. Now I know in life you have one chance, and you better use it well.

When the mountains fall And the oceans flood, I’m still in search of you. Only thing I want to say: I’m still in love with you.

Finally I found your place. Sadly I came three summers late. Now I am sitting by your grave, and I sing this song for you:

When the mountains fall And the oceans flood, I’m still in search of you. Only thing I want to say: I’m still in love with you.

One last thing I have to say: I’m still in love with you!

See blog called Good Bye Pete on this site. Great, Timo, Great song, Great timing as I first heard the song 3 summers late as I heard the news of the death of my highschool sweetheart and soulmate.

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Divider Pictures, Images and Photos

FF Versus XIII Logo Pictures, Images and Photos

ff vs  13 Pictures, Images and Photos

FF vs XIII Pictures, Images and Photos

Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum VS Stella Nox Fleuret


Noctis &amp; Stella Pictures, Images and Photos

FF Versus XIII Pictures, Images and Photos

Divider Pictures, Images and Photos




heavy metal
TImo Kotipelto

I made this about 4 years ago with Paint.NET and Boxoft Photo Magic Maker which I still use on some of my Photoshop creations.





Timo Kotipelto-Stratovarius Pictures, Images and Photos




Emma Shappin – a couple videos. Her voice is that of an angel.

This Rickey Smiley Prank Call has been around a long time – classic LOL !!!

The Cryan’ Shames was a ChicagoLand band of the 60’s popular in the area. Their big nationwide hit was “Sugar and Spice” but their albums Synthesis and A Scratch in the Sky gained cult status in the greater ChicagoLand area. Here is a song I made into a video by The Cryan’ Shames….called “Your Love” featuring my family and friends.

One of my favorite Cryan’ Shames songs is Baltimore Oriole. Enjoy this I made.

Another Favorite from Synthesis by Cryan’Shames: A Masters’ Fool


My daughter Sara HATES her picture taken by her mom…..little does she KNOW… had a ZILLION pics of her as an adorable little blondie all ready to SCAN!!! so, I DID back in August 2012 for her wedding shower! She is going to kill me. It is invisible on YouTube…..well, I’ll just be dead in heaven with the Backstreet Boys singing Rock Your Body like they did at the end of the 2013 movie This Is The END!

mom loves you sweetheart as you care for your firstborn son! Here is a picture of us in the late 80s, you and I…..

 photo b3e1144c-a5cf-4724-8b8f-faebac889dff_zps3197194c.png

Collage of my youngest son and his wife on their wedding day 10 June, 2006. Beautiful day!

6.6.06 Steven and Ashten


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